The Odorless is a revolutionary product that eliminates toilet odor and the micro-organisms found in that odor. The Odorless creates a much more hygienic, odor-free bathroom.

Simply place The Odorless Fan inside your existing toilet tank and mount the rechargeable battery / sensor on the wall. When you sit down to do your business, the fan turns on pulling air from the holes under the rim in your toilet bowl up through the over-flow vent pipe through an activated carbon filter – eliminating any odor, GUARANTEED! When you’re all done, the fan stays on for few seconds and then automatically turns off.

Our History

The Odorless (known as the PanFan in New Zealand) has over ten years of engineering, fine-tuning and perfecting; with the help of the engineers in New Zealand, we modified the molds to work here in the USA and The Odorless was born! In November of 2015, we successfully funded on Kickstarter and began shipping December 2015. It is now available on or you can purchase directly from us Buy Now

The Odorless is the first of its kind, yet it is an ‘experienced’ product that has been in the market for over 28 years. First it was the PFV model, developed in the late 1980’s. PFV has been used in new buildings and renovations across New Zealand. The PFC and PFW models were later developed in 2006. The PFC model won the KBIS ‘Best New Bathroom Product’ award.

The Odorless is a subsidiary of Watering Made Easy, Inc. located in Texas City, Texas.

International Patents pending – assembled in Tauranga, New Zealand.

We aim to consistently deliver the best and most friendly service; if you should have any questions or if we can be of service, please contact us!