We want you to have confidence in The Odorless. The Odorless reduces the cost of keeping your bathroom a pleasant experience – no more aerosol sprays, oils or ceiling fans!

The following Terms and Conditions are our promise to you that we offer a quality product that works… and lasts! 

The Odorless warrants the Product shall be free of faulty material or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the purchase date. The obligation of the manufacturer under this agreement is limited to replacing defective parts once received by The Odorless, a division of Watering Made Easy, Inc., hereinafter referred to as The Odorless.

The warranty is subject to the following conditions.

1. The Customer shall inform The Odorless as soon as warranty claim arises via the on-line form below or phone.
2.  Warranty is void if installation was not in accordance with instructions or if Product has been tampered with or damaged by accident, short circuit, loaded beyond rating or otherwise damaged by improper operation or use. 
3. The customer shall arrange for the Product, suitably packed to prevent damage in transit, to be returned to The Odorless. The Customer shall be responsible for and shall pay all packing and freight costs to and from The Odorless. 
4.  The Customer shall include with the Product a notice in writing specifying the problem, together with the sales receipt, or other documentation evidencing the purchase of the Product. NO WARRANTY CLAIM WILL BE VALIDATED UNLESS THE CUSTOMER CAN ESTABLISH PURCHASE OF THE PRODUCT FROM THE ODORLESS OR ITS AUTHORIZED RETAILERS. 
5. The Odorless shall examine the Product on delivery. The Odorless must validate the warranty claim, in which event it shall repair or replace any faulty parts or rectify any faulty workmanship free of charge or expense to the Customer, and shall arrange for the Product to be returned to the Customer at the Customers expense. The Odorless does not warrant that repair and delivery shall take place within a particular period, and shall not be liable for any loss or consequential damage while the Product is being repaired.   

6. The Odorless may invalidate a warranty claim if the defect complained of has arisen, wholly or substantially, for any reason other than faulty manufacture, parts and labor. If The Odorless invalidates the warranty claim, it shall inform the Customer the same. The Odorless will repair the Product at the Customers request, provided that the Customer shall pay The Odorless its usual charges in respect of such repair within agreed terms from the date of invoice. Customer shall be responsible for re-delivery of the Product to the installation address. All consumables which may include items such as Carbon Filters, are NOT covered by this warranty. 
7. The Odorless and its Agents shall be held harmless in all cases for any and all damage or loss or consequential loss due to a problem arising from an installation that could cause damage or put at risk any persons or property. 

8. Subject to clause 5 and to any implied conditions or warranties which cannot be excluded (“non-excludable terms”) under the Trade Practices Act (or any other equivalent legislation in USA, Canada, Alaska, or Mexico).

The Odorless excludes all warranties, conditions and representations which are not expressly stated herein, and excludes all liability (including, without limitation, liability for negligence and liability for direct or consequential loss or damage) to the Consumer or property in respect of the Product. With respect to any non-excludable terms, to the extent permitted The Odorless limits its liability to the remedies specified in clause 5.

Warranty Claim:

In the event of a warranty claim, we apologize for any inconvenience caused and be assured that your claim will be taken seriously and as quickly as possible.

Please use the contact form found here to contact us regarding your warranty:

Contact Form: https://theodorless.com/contact/

Email: customercare@theodorless.com
Phone: 1-877-280-4485

Or mail to:

The Odorless Warranty

c/o Memco Fulfillment

4280 Lockfield

Houston, TX 77092